Tuesday, May 25, 2010

10 beds down

well we have are work cut out for us.

Tim and Hubert put 10  75 foot long beds down in the back garden.  Now the tomato trellis need to go in and water hooked up. And then the $150.00 of seedlings Andy P. and I bought Monday at the Farm at Miller's crossing need to be planted.  Good looking stuff.

  Andy W and I got the water hooked up on the onions.  they are coming along nicely.  w/ the water on the onions the weeds are going to take off.  And the onions.  don't want to be negative.

Brook and Jeff have both weeded the greens garden. And it is looking great.

   .  Jeff and Andy W. took home some lettuce and spinach.  The cukes along the fence in the greens garden will need weeding and so will the onions.

Talk to me about thinning the lettuce and spinach.  I will show you what to do and you start taking some home.

Well that's all from my head for now.

I will be on the farm tomorrow.

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